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What Is The Correct Raspberry Ketone Dosage?

If you follow weight loss and diet trends you have probably heard of raspberry ketone supplements. Raspberry ketone is a natural product that comes from fresh red raspberries and exists naturally in the fresh berries. It is believed to help weight loss by making your body burn off calories faster than it normally would. Most reputable supplements give you an approximate daily raspberry ketone dosage of 100 mg.

Ketones are natural substances found in many berries and fruits (as well as plants and flowers). Synthetic ketones can also be produced in a laboratory but the best weight loss products use natural ketones, derived from actual raspberries. To get the weight loss benefits from eating pure raspberries you would have to go through huge amounts of fresh berries every day. Raspberries are a great addition to any diet and they taste delicious, but to lose weight with raspberry ketones you will have to take them in a concentrated supplement form. It always helps your weight loss goals, however, if you combine supplements with a healthy and balanced diet and regular exercise.

Raspberry ketone supplements are believed to help you lose weight by speeding up your metabolism.  They do this by regulating adiponectin, a protein in the body that is involved in regulating your metabolic rate. The faster your metabolism works, the faster you can burn off calories and fat. If you want to achieve long term weight loss, you will need to burn off fat storages instead of simply losing water weight.

The ideal raspberry ketone dosage can vary depending on which supplements you are taking. Some supplements combine raspberry ketones with other weight loss ingredients, such as African mango or other natural substances. Always check the manufacturer’s instructions and the correct daily dosage as this can differ from one product to another.

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